Race Horse Betting Strategies – 3 Secret Betting Methods Revealed

Using race horse betting strategies effectively is one of the methods employed in the professional sports betting circles to produce consistent, regular and long-term profits. Forget wasting your money on the 20/1 long shot hoping for a large payout, this is exactly what the bookmakers want you to do. The key to success is in the continual growth produced by regular small wins and controlled losses. The following are 3 strategies often used by the professionals to accumulate profits: 

1. Laying The Field.

With the creation of the betting exchanges allowing person to person betting (primarily Betfair) the ability to lay or back against a horse now became widely available to all. Not just the preserve of the bookmakers. One method of using this effectively is to lay the field in-running at odds under 2. If 2 or more horses are matched during the race, you will end up in profit whilst having risked less than the value of your stake. The key to this method is in the careful selection of the races that are likely to be the most keenly contested over the latter stages.

2. Place Betting Only.

Instead of simply backing a horse to win, or betting each-way, Betfair gives you the opportunity to back a horse to place i.e. to finish in the first 3 or 4 in the race depending on the number of runners. Because Betfair does not reduce the positions on which it pays out when a non-runner is declared, it is quite possible to be paid on the first 3 places in a race with 7 or less horses. This method will produce a very consistent and sustainable strike rate.

3. Each Way Betting.

Betfair, whilst being a valuable tool, does not offer the traditional each-way bet in the same form as the bookmaker, and there is a way of applying this known as the “each-way steal” that puts the odds firmly in your favour. The bookmakers hate to take these bets, but have no choice. In certain races, where you have 8 or 9 runners and a strong favourite, the each-way odds on the second or third favourite will often pay statistically above the true price for the place part of the bet. Backing the horse each-way and laying part of the win on Betfair can therefore produce long-term profits. 

These are just a few of the strategic approaches that can be used on horse racing alone, but similar techniques can be used across all sports.

Betting on Horse Racing – Learning to Spot the Secret Signs to More Winners

There are many things to consider when betting on horse racing. Indeed so many that it can seem a daunting task with so many thousands of races throughout the year. There are key signs to look out for however if you want to consistently find more winners.

Nothing is set in stone and as with any form of gambling there are no guarantees. That said, if you learn to follow the advice below you are sure to start understanding when a bet on a certain horse may offer more value.

Given that one of the most difficult aspects of picking winners when betting on horse racing, is whether or not your selection is running to win on the day. You can often scratch your head in amazement in lower class races as horses that would seem to have less chance than others go in day after day!

What signs can you now look out for in order to back more winners?

Annual stable patterns

Firstly start to realise that sometimes results are not as random as they seem! Check the racing post to see which horse won the race last year and therefore which trainer. You will find many trainers targeting certain races throughout the year.

This may be because they have a good feel for the race and train one specifically for that event. Or that quite often certain stables start to perform at specific times of the year. This training ‘pattern’ is very worth keeping an eye out for. Nicky Henderson really starts to fire in November and early December, as Clive Britain tends to get his three year olds off to a flying start in April and Early May. These trends can change over time, but begin to understand that due to varying training methods and facilities, these patterns are not as random as you might first think!

Trainer Strike Rates

Making money long term betting on horse racing is about picking winners? To do that, if you consider that the more you focus on horses that cannot win a race the more likely you are to find a winner that can!

If you use this theory and start looking to find favourites that are short in price and can learn to get them beaten then you are on route to more betting success. So learning to use trainer strike rates when considering every bet is a shrewd and necessary method of form reading.

A 6/4 favourite that is being over hyped in the market from a yard that let’s say has a strike rate at this imaginary track today of zero winners from forty two attempts is most definitely worth taking on! One of the horses fancied with a bigger price from a yard with a twenty percent strike at the track is very likely to upset the favourite backers.

It is not your job as a punter betting on horse racing to work out why a trainer strikes well at a track. Just use the statistics to your advantage, as they do not lie! Let others follow in these false favourites and enjoy winning their money.

Betting on horse racing successfully is about thinking outside of the box, and where possible going against the common train of thought! Around 98% of punters lose, so the majority are not right most of the time! Really learn to use these tools above to start uncovering more winners at the races when betting on horse racing.